Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy (belated) Blogaversary...

Warning: long-winded, sans-photo post ahead...

Oops. Yesterday was the 1 year mark since I started this blog. Not since I started blogging, mind you, but that is a different story.

For those of you who might not know, I started knitting a long time before blogging. In fact, long before there were blogs. I don't remember the exact moment in which I took up the needles for the first time, but I was definitely under 10 years old. Taught the basics mostly by my mom, and I didn't make much except maybe a couple of short scarves and a pair of Paton's two needle mittens much like the ones pictured here. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if I dug around in my parent's laundry room I'd still be able to find them.

I stopped knitting for a while, and took it up again early in undergrad. That lasted a year or two and then I stopped again, until last Sept (2006) when I started my PhD in the States. I was pretty much determined that it wasn't going to be like my year in Spain and I was going to do things to meet lots of interesting people. So, I looked through the Hopkins groups and came upon the "Cast offs". So I took up knitting again. This time it's stuck, I think... partly because the of people I've met, and partly because there are so many great sources and patterns out there now. Things that I would make and actually wear proudly! Things that I would spend equal amounts of money or more on in a store and now I can make it myself! Oh, and it also is one of the only relaxing parts of my grad student life. I find that if I'm knitting while reading I can sit still for far longer.

OK, enough of the backstory... here are the "highlights" of the last year of my knitblogging:

Jan: 18, new blog begins, 31, first post about the sweater-vest from hell!! Seriously, this thing would be a pain in my side for the next 6 months.

Feb: 5, I publish my first pattern, 9, join Secret Pal 10, 20, update on the sweater-vest from hell... so close, yet so far away...

March: 24, taking part in "graknitti"

April: 1, Flash Your Stash (sad to say it hasn't decreased much since then...), 29, my fav lys reopens in a bigger and (much) better space

June: 2, naughty knitting for my friend's bachellorrette party

July: 4, finished my first big lace project, 9, 2nd free pattern (lacey rib anklets), 19, the vest reappears, 20, float weaving tutorial

August: 23, the vest appears to be done... although less than perfect, however, this is how it will stay. For now.

September: 4, my ravelry invite finally arrives (which would explain why I haven't gotten nearly enough done this past semester...)

October: 24, finished the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke, the garment I am most proud of so far

November: 24, open my etsy shop with my first pattern, 30, finish the mittens that will become my second pattern for sale

December: lots of gift knitting little posting.

And that's pretty much wraps up a year of knitting and blogging. I'm participating in Project Spectrum 3 this year and I already have a few thoughts on what I'm going to do in that. It starts Feb. 1 so there's still time to sign up if you're interested!


Kristen said...

i stumbled across your blog via Ravelry, and i must ask, how do you read while knitting? if i could master that skill, i think my life might be complete! ;)

gradschoolknitter said...

Try knitting and watching tv for a while first. And don't try anything too complicated: stockinette or garter or maybe k2p2 rib. Once you're comfy watching tv while knitting, try reading instead. I got a book holder from Barnes and Nobles which really helps... hard to hold a book open while holding the needles too!

Tamar said...

Hi there, and happy blogiversary! I'm a fellow grad student knitter, here via Ravelry too.

Sheila said...

I have been reading your blog from about the beginning. That's exciting! Happy Blogaversary.