Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, so I have a couple of UFOs left over from 2007. (Endpaper mitts and Cinnabar scarf, respectively... note that both links are from October and neither has progressed much - if at all - since). Christmas knitting took priority somewhere around Nov. 1 and other than the few quick things I've done with what supplies I've had here, I haven't done a lot of knitting for myself. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on my mood) they were left behind for Christmas break. So they're languishing, half way down the eastern coast, while I'm vacationing (if you can call it that when there is snow on the ground) up here in Canada. The one thing I did bring with me is a monstrosity of a test-knit, which, of course, cannot be shown here before the pattern comes out.

The point of all my ramblings? Skeins Her Way is holding a finish a UFO contest, which is the perfect excuse for me to finish at least one of these by the end of the month. The only catch is that I won't be state-side again until the 20th of January (next Sunday for those who are counting) and thus will have less time with which one I choose to do. And because I'm me, I'm choosing the harder knit. I'm going to finish the Endpaper Mitts (which are currently stalled out at the thumb hole of the first mitt) by the end of January. I'm saving the Cinnabar Scarf for the first round of Project Spectrum: Elements, which just happens to be fire.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I'm hoping that contest will give me the nudge I need!