Thursday, December 20, 2007


So I was going to take some pictures to share with the blog... I got back to Canada on Tuesday and a package that I had sent to a secret pal had been returned (months ago, actually, but I forgot about it the last time I was home). I tried to get in touch with that secret pal many, many times but I've never heard back from her. So, according to the secret pal people, I've tried everything I can (and I have, really) and so it becomes mine! Which is sad, because I did want my secret pal to enjoy the stuff, but happy for me because it's super nice yarn! Koigu, Pure Silk, etc.

However... I did bring my camera, but not the cord. So I can't download the pictures to my computer. I am going back to the States next week so I'll get the cord then. I can, however, share one Christmas present that has already been presented to Dr. BF:

I used what I remembered of the Mother Bear Project pattern and made a ninja for Dr. BF. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but he was invited by Team Canada to compete in a Hapkeido tournament in Korea next year and I'm going with him! He (the ninja that is) is wearing what is apparently called a "Blood Belt", which is the highest level obtainable - so don't mess with him! Nah, he's really just a teddy bear, much like Dr. BF himself! :)

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Sheila said...

Great Ninja. Merry Christmas.