Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! No real resolutions around here, except maybe the usual work harder at school (yeah, gotta get right on that this afternoon actually...), try to be nicer in general and all that stuff. And I was going to sign up for yoga, etc at the gym at school this semester, but I don't like making that sort of stuff a "resolution" because I am invariable disappointed when I don't do it. Although I do plan to. Anyway...

There has been some knitting going on since the mad dash to the finished Christmas Knitting line. I made another Bear for the Mother Bear Project, unfortunately this is the only picture I have of him:

I named him Bernard, probably because the main character from "Black Books" had gotten into my subconscious after watching all 3 seasons with Dr. BF the week before. In any case, I think that Bernard is an eclectic bear, and I very much hope that he will be well loved by the child who receives him. He was sent to Lovelyarns in this state, to be stuffed, sewn up and sent off to Africa.

I can't show off any of the other knitting that I've been doing because it is a sweater I am test knitting for a yarn company. And it's quite a headache, let me tell you. I'm just glad that the yarn is such a nice one that I don't mind working with it. I've done the main part of the torso (in the round, thank goodness), the back and one side of the front. I just can't wait for this thing to be done!

So, instead of new knitting, I'll show you some old knitting... but stuff that's new here! I knit these last April for my SP. Unfortunately she never got the 2nd or 3rd package I sent her and the 2nd one never came back to me. The 3rd one, however, did. In fact, it came back to Canada (where I am currently for break until the 20th of Jan) and has been sitting, waiting for me at Dr. BF's apartment ever since.

These mice are from Stitch n Bitch Nation's catwarming set. I knit them out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca remnants that I had from old projects. They were (obviously) supposed to be for SP's cat.

And the rest is the yarn b00ty I had bought her. Trust me when I say that I attempted to contact this pal several times. I sent her many emails and also emailed the coordinator of the swap who in turn attempted to contact her several times. According to the post office there were several attempted deliveries too. So now it's my yarn b00ty, although I feel a bit weird about it.

1 skein Rowan Damask

1 skein Koigu KPM

and 1 skein Debbie Bliss Pure Silk.


The_Add_Knitter said...

Bernard is such a cutie!!

Doug said...

Those are cute! Maybe you should quit the PhD and find work in a Chinese sweatshop. Lord knows they need people who can actually put together quality items that are non poisonous..

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

mostcurious said...

Do you know if anyone has converted the MB pattern to knitted in the round? I like knitting, but am not so much in love with the seaming. I'm also not yet savvy enough to try the conversion myself...

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks for the nice comments all.

Mostcurious: I know that on ravelry a few people have done them in the round. I was going to try and do this for my next one, so stay tuned for that! Or, check out the projects on ravelry and search for bears done in the round. (That is, if you have a ravelry account...)