Monday, July 29, 2013

'cause it's just not finished without buttons

Mom's bday sweater by gradschoolknitter
Mom's bday sweater, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

Although I finished knitting this sweater almost a month ago... and my mom's birthday was exactly a month ago.... I didn't get around to sewing the buttons on until today. In my defence, the sweater took an exorbitant amount of time to dry when blocking, and then I had to leave the country for a couple of weeks to help my DH finish packing up our old apartment... but still, it seems a little ridiculous.

In any case, the sweater is now *officially* finished! And, if you can't tell, it's definitely in a colour she likes (the bracelets and necklace were already on before I gave her the sweater to try on). And in good/bad news, it is currently cold enough to wear a alpaca/wool sweater. Apparently the weather/mother nature didn't realize that it is still the middle of summer.

In other knitting news, I also finished a baby hat a couple of weeks ago:

cubba commished

This one will go to my niece's soon to be cousin (to be born almost a year to the day that my niece was!).

Not a whole lot more knitting has been happening, since, as I mentioned, we've been packing up and preparing to move. Our stuff, in fact, has already been delivered to our new home and we will be on our way tomorrow. We're visiting family for a few days and gave our niece some early bday presents. I'm a little sad to miss her actual birthday next month, but I'm also excited (and a little terrified) to have a "real job"... hence the move.

Maybe I'll get a little knitting time in when I'm on the off-shift of driving? One can only hope!