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FO, Pattern and Reassessment Part the 2nd

**Edit again Jan 8, 2008** Now available as a downloadable pdf hosted by!

**Edit** This pattern was added to Knitting Sutra's No pool for you list of sock patterns that don't pool. It's in the "Jury's still out" section because there isn't enough photographic evidence of their pool defying ability. If you knit these and take a photo (flickr, blogged or potential to email) let me know! I'd love to see them.

Lacey Rib Anklets, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

So, I finished the Lacey Rib Anklets today, which means I can scratch another thing off my summer to-knit list. However, I complete forgot that I bought the yarn (on sale, yeah!) for the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater on the cover of the summer '07 Interweave Knits a while back.

So, the Summer To-Knit List now looks like this:

1. Finish the Vest (only reason it's taking so long is that it's too hot to have pure wool sitting on your lap... ugh.)
2. BMP socks
3. Schaefer Anne Destash: potentially Monkey Socks
4. Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater
5. Destash, destash, destash... all of which includes:
5a. Rowan Summer Tweed shrug
5b. Phildar stripy cotton tee
5c. Kidsilk sweater

So, the pattern for the lacey rib, is as follows:

Materials: US Size 2 (2.75mm) needles (either 5 dpns or 2 circs)
1 tapestry needle
1 skein Knit Picks Memories (I used redwood forest)

Notes: I always use K2togtbl instead of SSK. If you are more comfortable with SSK feel free to substitute SSK for K2togtbl, as they look pretty much identical. Also, these socks can be made as short or long as you like. I made anklets because I was unsure as to how much yardage it would actually take up. I have put a picture at the bottom of the post that shows the finished sock and the left overs from the skein.

Using the Toe-up formula found in Knitty's summer 06 edition Cast on 24 stitches. Knit one round.
2nd round: *K1, M1, K10, M1, K1* repeat.
Continue these 2 rounds (adding 2 stitches where round 2 says K10 each time to account for new stitches) until there are 60 stitches

Knit one round

Begin Lacey Rib pattern:
Round 1: *K2, P1* 10 times. K30 (underside of foot is simple stockinette)
Round 2: *K2, P1, K2tog, yo P1* 5 times, K30
Round 3: *K2, P1* 10 times. K30
Round 4: *K2, P1, K2togtbl, yo P1* 5 times, K30

Continue in these 4 Rounds until approximately 2 inches less than desired foot length, ending with round 4 before the K30.

Short Row Heel:
(Working on only the 30 st sts on the bottom of the sock)

K 27, Wrap and turn (Work W&T by slipping two stitches as if to purl from left to right needle, bring yarn to front of work, turn work to look at wrong side, slip one st from left to right needle, bring yarn to front of work.
P 27, W&T
K 26, W&T
P 26, W&T

Continue working short row, knitting one less stitch each time. Stop after P12, W&T.

Next: reverse the W&T rows, beginning to add one stitch each time (i.e. K13, W& T / P13, W&T, K14 W&T, P14 W&T, etc) Continue until you have worked P27 W&T.

Knit to end of Round.

Work Round 1 of Lace Rib
Work Lace section of Round 2, K1, K2togtbl, Knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.
Work Round 3 of Lace Rib
Work lace section of Round 4, K1, K2togtbl, Knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.
Work Round 1
Work Lace section of Round 2, K1, K2togtbl, Knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.
(Six stitches decreased)

Begin working lace rib continuously through every stitch of each round

Work for about 1 inch for anklets or the length you desire, end with round 4.

Switch to k1p1 ribbing for 4 rounds.

Stretchy bind off:

Measure a tail of approximately four times the circumference of the sock and cut. Thread through a tapestry needle and work bind off as follows:

Thread needle through first two stitches as if to purl without removing from needle. Thread needle back through first stitch as if to knit and remove from needle. Repeat until there is only one stitch left. Thread needle through last stitch as if to knit and secure ends.

Let me know if there's any problems or if anything needs clarification!

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Lazuli said...

The yarn and the pattern on the socks work very well together! Great job!