Monday, February 5, 2007

Cindy-Lou Who cabled mittens

**ETA**Now a downloadable pdf hosted by ravelry.

Cabled mittens1

Here is another picture of my cabled mittens. You can see the stitch definition much more clearly in this picture. For a more accurate representation of colour, check out the other picture (title cabled mittens2) on my flickr. I designed these from the top down, so that they are done in the round and have no seams whatsoever! I'm calling them the "Cindy-Lou Who" cabled mittens since the o-so-cute-bf thinks they're cute enough for Cindy-Lou Who from the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Sue, the owner of my LYS, whom I adore, liked them so much she might carry the pattern at the store!

Edit (July 17, 07): I'm adding the pattern here, for those who are interested, however, it has not been fully edited so please feel free to contact me with any questions:

These mittens knit up quickly (I cast on the first one Saturday night and cast off the second late Sunday night – I knew that Monday was supposed to be ridiculously cold…), are super soft and warm, and best of all, because they are knit top-down, in the round, there are NO SEAMS! Just knit ‘em up, weave in the ends and voila! mittens! The pattern can also be modified into just a simple mitten by knitting without cabling on cable rounds.

The pattern is written for women’s size small-medium, medium-large size can be found in [brackets].

Materials: 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (215 yards) + equal yardage of lace-weight or fingering weight accent (i.e. a lace-weight mohair or a single stranded bamboo in a complimentary color) I used Blue Heron Metallic in Blueberry colourway.
3 dpn size 6 (4mm)
1 cable needle
Scissors and tapestry needle

CO – cast on
K1 – Knit one
P1 – Purl one
M1 – Make one: using right-hand needle, pick up yarn between last stitch on right needle and first stitch on left needle. Place on left needle and knit
CR – Cable Round: Unless otherwise stated, K5, slip 4 to cable needle, hold in back, K4 from left needle, k4 from cable needle, K across rest of round

Magic Cast-on instructions available here on

Sewn Bind-Off instructions: BEFORE breaking yarn, wrap around circumference of mitten 4 times. Now break yarn and thread through tapestry needle. Pass tapestry needle through the first two stitches as if to purl without dropping stitches off left needle. Pass tapestry needle through first stitch as if to knit and drop stitch off needle. Repeat until there is one stitch left. Pull yarn through last stitch and weave in ends.

For both mitts:
Using Magic Cast-on, and holding both strands of yarns together, CO 8 stitches (4 per needle)
Next Round: K all stitches
Next round: K1 M1, K3, M1K1, 2 times
Repeat these two rounds until there are 32 [36] stitches total

Next round: k all stitches
Cable Round: K4 slip 4 to cable needle hold in back, K4, K4 off CN, K4, K across back of rnd
Next Round: k all stitches
Next Round: K1 M1, K30[34], M1, K1, 2 times: 36 [40]stitches
Next 5 rounds: k all stitches
Next round: CR
Next 7 rnds: knit
Next Round: CR
Next 7 rnds: knit
Next Round: CR

[For larger sizes try on mitten as finished thus far: if it does not reach thumb joint you may want to add another 7 knit rounds + 1 cable round]

Thumb Gusset:
For Right Hand:
Next 4 rounds; knit
Turn and without joining:
P 1 Row (ws)
K 1 Row (rs)
P 1 Row
P 1 Row
K 1 Row
P 1 Row
K 1 Row
Join again to knit in round

For left mitt:

Next 3 rounds: knit
Next round: knit 18 stitches
Turn to work back along ws of work without joining
Next row: P36
Next row: turn and k36 (rs)
Next row: turn and p36 (ws)
Next row: turn and work CR as follows: k23 sl4 to cable needle, hold in back, k4 from left needle, k4 from cable needle, k5 (rs)
Next row: turn and p26
Next row: turn and k36
Next row: turn and p36
Next row: turn and k36
Join again to knit in the round
Next round: without turning k18

For both mitts:
Next 3 rounds: knit
Next round: CR
Next 5 rnds: knit

Switch to faux cable rib (or ribbing of your choice):
Round 1: *P1, K2* repeat to end
Round 2: *P1, Knit into 2nd stitch w/o removing from left needle, K into 1st st, remove both from left needle* repeat to end
Repeat these two rows until cuff is desired length, ending w row 1 of faux cable rib (approximately 9 rounds)
Cast off using sewn bind off

Thumb (for both):

Pick up and knit 16 stitches (8 each side of thumb gusset) starting at bottom of gusset, join to knit in the round
Next 2 rounds: knit [on larger sizes add 1 or 2 extra knit rounds before each decrease]
Next round: k6, k2tog, k2tog, k6 (14 stitches)
Next 4 rounds: knit
Next round: k5, k2tog, k2tog, k5 (12 stitches)
Next 4 rounds: knit
Next round: k2tog, k4, k2tog, k4 (10 stitches)
Next 2 rounds: knit
Next round: k3, k2tog, k3, k2tog (8 stitches)
Next round: knit
Next round: k2tog 4 times (4 stitches)
Break yarn and bind off remaining 4 stitches using sewn bind off method.

Finishing: Weave in ends


Albert said...

It's been a while since last time I read your blog (now blogs!), and now I find quite a lot of changes here. You've turned from amateur to industrious knitting! :)

Erin said...

Thanks Albert. :D

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? Te tendré que fabricar algo... ;)

The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow, super cool pattern. I love knitting mittens--they are so fast and portable! Nice work...

Erin said...

Thanks "add"! and thanks for dropping by!

HHeller said...

These have been so fun to work on with the Trendsetter Dune and Alpaca ~ it was great meeting you in the shop yesterday!