Wednesday, January 31, 2007

new guilt!

So, I packaged up and mailed off the wristwarmers this morning... however, I have another guilt-ridden project to work on: the Red Cross Army Vest for my o-so-cute bf. The pattern can be found here. I hate to say it but it is one of the most boring patterns I've worked on in a while. I've modified it a bit, because he didn't want it to be as long as the original, and the neck-hole was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too small. The pattern calls for 8 rows on both sides, which I did, and then was about an 1/8 of the way down the back and realized that it wouldn't even fit over MY head, let alone the OSCBF's. So I ripped back and added another 12 rows (20 in total) on each side. He also wants it to have a hood, which means I'm going to have to order more yarn because I don't know if I even have enough for the actual vest (I bought what was required as per the pattern, but I think I might run out...). Fortunately, it's available online (really really fortunately, since I bought the yarn while at home in Canada) so I guess I'll be ordering a few more skeins of that soon.

I'm actually more than 1/2 way done the body and I'm hoping to have it all finished up in time to get it to him for his birthday (Feb. 24), which I think is a fairly realistic goal... it will be my mindless knitting to work on while reading at night.

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