Friday, July 20, 2007

Float Weaving Tutorial

Well, here it is, the video tutorial on how to weave your floats into the back of your BMP socks. You might want to check out the pattern, specifically row 42 of the Repeating Space Invaders chart, before watching. You can also check out the designer's version found here but she holds one string in one hand and one in the other... mine is a strictly right handed operation.

Enjoy and let me know if there's anything left unclear!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is an awesome video!

It's a little different from how I work it (I pick up the unused yarn every 2-3 stitches, not every other stitch), but I think this will help out with the unused yarn being pulled too tightly when knitting. I can't wait until I try your method!



Tracie said...

THANKS SO MUCH! I could not make my socks work until I found this on youtube!! You have saved my sanity! (well.........) :) Thanks again!!