Thursday, July 19, 2007

WIPs report

Since I have been grievously injured by my US 0 needles (for the BMP socks), knitting has been slow going. I'm meeting with a couple of local knitters tonight, though and will most likely work on the honeymoon cami... it's the most portable and is on a size 6 circ... big enough for me to manipulate without causing much further damage! Anywho, since I don't have any new FO's to share, I thought I'd share a progress report.

The BMP socks:
Up until the point of injury these were progressing nicely... I've completed 4 space invader dudes.

And as soon as I'm healed I'm going to try and make a tutorial on how to weave your floats into the back so instead of long strings of yarn across the back (and, if you're me, big gaping holes between colours), it will look like this:
Pretty cool, eh? The designer has her own tutorial here but she does something crazy with one string in the left hand which I couldn't figure out. I'm ambidextrous in lots of ways but knitting isn't really one of them... except that I can teach left handed people to knit english style left handed. Weird, no?

The Honeymoon Cami:
I'm striping this using the phildar cotton my SP sent me from France. I've decided to try 16 rows red to 4 rows blue... although that could change after I'm done 4 rows of blue and see what it actually looks like! My other major modification is 12 rows of seed stitch rather than the lace rib.

And the Red Cross Army Vest:
As you can see I'm adding a hood (as per Dr. OSCBF's request) which is the part that is taking the longest. I'd already worked it once, in full but the hood was too "short"... not in shoulder to top of head length, but in back of head to front of face... it wouldn't even stay on me. Hard to explain, but in any case I'm hoping that this second time will be the charm. I may run out of yarn again, though.

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PHD Knitter said...

Hope your finger heals soon! I'm intrigued about weaving in your floats. You should've seen the insides of all 8 of the Christmas stockings I made last year! It's scary in there ... not good for stocking stuffing!