Monday, January 7, 2008

this just in

It took several false starts but when I finally figured out an easier way to get the right number of stitches (gauge swatch? what's that again? I suppose I could do one, but that would just my life easier! And who wants that?? *le sigh*) this hat only took a few hours total. I haven't decided whether I want to keep it (it is in my colours) or possibly sell it in my etsy shop. I've been thinking about doing that (the selling of knitted items that is) for a while, and I've already got a couple of patterns listed (as you can see in the side bar) AND I can't really wear/keep/find people I like enough to knit for, for ALL the things I want to knit. Could I? I mean, have you seen my ravelry queue? (and yes, I do know all about the copyright laws and not selling things from other people's patterns... let's just say that that queue could be 10 times that size if I could put in an entry for each project that I am designing in my head...)

Anywho, the point of the post was the hat, so here it is in all it's low-lit, mac photo booth glory (clearly if it was to be put up for sale I would take better, day time pictures...):

Pattern: in my head (possibly to be written down in the future... want to experiment with it in different gauges first.)
Yarn: Rowan Damask
Needles: 2 US size 5 / 3.75mm circs
Recipient: Undecided (me or etsy shop...)
Other: Nada.

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