Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's official

Summer is over. Ok, so I'm a bit behind, but with the weather we're having (yesterday was the hottest, most humid day we've had all week), you can't blame me for forgetting. Or, at least trying to forget.

Thus, the "Summer Goals" list is over. Well, not really, but getting these things done over the summer is now over. When last I reassessed my goals we were left with this:

1. Finish the Vest (only reason it's taking so long is that it's too hot to have pure wool sitting on your lap... ugh.)
2. BMP socks
3. Schaefer Anne Destash: potentially Monkey Socks
4. Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater
5. Destash, destash, destash... all of which includes:
5a. Rowan Summer Tweed shrug
5b. Phildar stripy cotton tee
5c. Kidsilk sweater

Of that I have completed #1 (sort of... it's out of my hands now), #2, and #3.
#4 (WECY) is coming along nicely. I'm working on the sleeves and joined the KAL to keep me motivated... lots of people have already finished and their sweaters look awesome.
All of #5 was pretty much a bust. The Summer Tweed shrug isn't even close to being started but I've found a pattern that I really like.
The Phildar Cotton was being used to make a honeymoon cami but too many people seem unhappy with theirs and mine has stalled just before it becomes more complicated. I may have to find something else to do with this yarn...
And the Kidsilk... oh, the kidsilk. It's gorgeous but I don't see myself wearing a big fuzzy sweater out of it. I'm thinking more along the lines of wisp which I may give away as Christmas presents. Anyone have any better ideas for it??

Of course, since my last reassessment I have "acquired" a lot more yarn and my queue list on Ravelry is growing rapidly... and of course, now that it is officially "fall" (despite what it feels like outside) there is the matter of Christmas to think about! (Too bad all the things I have queued on Ravelry are things I want for myself...) Oh, and babies... people need to stop getting pregnant around me... there's only so much baby knitting I can handle at one time!

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