Thursday, September 13, 2007

The 3 Rs

Not Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic (although with possibly the exception of the last one, those are the Rs that I probably should be devoting time to...), I'm talking 'bout Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! I'm applying all 3 to my stash right now. (Let's not talk about the Webs order I made the other day... that will be dealt with when it arrives...)


My fav lys is participating in the Mother Bear Project. I'm going to use up some yarns that I have left over from various previous projects. The only stipulation is that it has to be machine washable, but I've done a bunch of baby stuff lately and most of that is (for the mother's sake) washable.


Some of you may remember when I first attempted felting (and, for the record, have not since). I never did anything more to the bag and it has sat in my stash basket for months. It was supposed to be a notions bag but someone gave me a really cute pencil case-ish felt bag (complete with zipper!) for my birthday and I've been using that instead. So when I started to look through the stash today I found it and thought... hmmm... I should really do something with this. So I added a button (left over from a previously frogged project) and voila! It is now a semi-felted cheque book holder! In fact, there's enough extra room to throw some cash and lip gloss in there so I could use it as a little clutch if I felt like it:


It was kind of sad, but I realized that the Hourglass Sweater from LMKG just wasn't happening. It's been languishing on the needles since late February (last seen here although I think it was actually further along than that picture shows) and I just wasn't feeling it. The yarn, the pattern (miles of stockinette knit in the round) and I were not gelling. So, I took a deep breath and frogged it. The yarn is good Irish Pure Wool and it needs to become something but it's never going to be an Hourglass Sweater. In fact, when I finally took it off the needles I thought "I'll just try it on, thus far, to see if I would have liked it". Let's just say that if I had an identical twin she probably could have fit in there with me.

So now I have to figure out what to do with all of this: (ok, this is only one, still in tact, skein... I probably have around 10 skeins worth)

I'm going to swatch it up and see if it will work for either the Tangled Yoke Cardigan or Killybegs. (Trust me, I've seen versions on Killybegs on Ravelry that are much nicer than the one modeled in the book!)


PHD Knitter said...

Way to purge the stash and clear out those halfway finished projects! That yarn is beautiful and I know you'll make something gorgeous out of it. Glad you mentioned the washable factor of mother bear -- I may have overlooked that before :)

Sheila said...

I love your 3 R's. I need to learn the 3 R's as far as knitting goes. I already do those at around the house.