Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Coming up for a quick breath from Ravelry, I thought I'd share some pictures I took yesterday while touring around Washington, D.C. with a friend who is visiting from Spain. Despite the fact that it was ridiculously hot (at least for this Canadian gal) we had a pretty good time. I won't bore you with a ton of pictures of monuments and government buildings that probably everyone has seen a million times (at least in pictures) but just a few fun highlights!

The only museum we actually went into was the Smithsonian Space Museum (apparently Ana has a thing for Space / Rockets, et al...) but I liked the small display of "americana" they had on (one of the other museums is currently closed for construction so they brought some key things over).

For example:

THE PUFFY SHIRT!!! From Seinfeld... I was a huge Seinfeld fan, so I thought that this was hilarious.

C3PO and R2D2 from The Empire Strikes Back

Kermit the Frog cerca 1970. The Muppet Show was a huge part of my childhood so I had to get a picture of Kermie!

And outside:

The Washington Monument with the sun picking out from behind.

Me, at the Lincoln Memorial wearing my new Aqua Poppies T-shirt purchased from Muttsywonder on etsy.

We were going to try and get in on a White House tour but as we were crossing the road to go around back the security guards came out and kicked everyone out. Possibly Bush was returning from his "secret" visit to Iraq?

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Jen said...

yay! DC! Love it! Bush was down under so you were probably spared the presidential mojo.