Friday, January 19, 2007

Previous Projects

I thought I'd do a quick post to show what I've knitted over the last few months, just to catch the blog up.

First we have the baby booties I made for our friend Val, whose baby Sam was born Christmas eve, made out of "Ice" Yarn (which I can't seem to find online...):

Next up is a close up of the basketweave pattern I used to make scarves for my o-so-cute boyfriend and my roommate. I'm going to be teaching this pattern at Lovelyarns next month! This one is my roommates, which I made using berroco's pure merino, an amazingly soft and wonderful yarn:

This is me in the first scarf and project I did after I started my PhD last semester. It is also the scarf that made me realize that knitting would actually help me stay sane throughout this whole gradschool thing. It's made out of Trendsetter's Dune:

And finally we have my first ever sock! I did it using the toe-up magic cast-on method that you can find if you search the archives of Knitty. I really recommend it for making socks... no seams or anything, it's just a straight up sock! I made this using Cascade's Fixation a great cotton yarn with a bit of stretch to it... I really liked it, but make sure you get 1 ball / sock... even with anklet socks you can't quite get two socks out of 1 ball... almost, but not quite.

Also: I found out today what yarn I used for the wristwarmers shown on the right (my personal pair): Trendsetter's Tonalita. I really like this yarn, it's very soft and the colours are very very pretty. It comes in a very WIDE variety of colours too, so I might have to find something else to do with it... whenever I actually find time for projects for myself! Which means that Jackie's gloves, below, were a mix of Trendsetter's Tonalita and Dune (from the scarf I'm wearing above).

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