Wednesday, January 24, 2007

knitting guilt

I had a package delivered in the mail today... at first I thought it was the stitch n' bitch daily calendar that I ordered for myself on ebay (it's been like 2 weeks already...) but instead it was the yarn I ordered for my next ebay project, 5 pairs of wrist warmers custom ordered by an ebayer. It's Cascade Yarn's new Pima Silk and its very very soft and silky. The colours are not quite what I was expecting from the website, so hopefully the ebayer who picked them out will actually like the finished product. I think they're quite nice in any case.

So, of course, I felt incredibly guilty about the fact that I've been working on projects for myself for the last couple of days, so I started on the second wrist warmer of the alpaca/wool blend about an hour ago. I also realized that the circular needles that I was using are a LOT smaller than I thought they were.... they're supposed to be US size 6 (4mm for the Canadians out there) according to the pattern, I thought they were 5's (3.75mm) but they're actually 3's (3.25mm). I used the same ones to make my own wrist warmers and they fit fine, but the alpaca/wool seems to be a bit thinner... so a bit tighter. They're still ok, at least on me, so I'm hoping they'll be good for the ebayer 'cause I really, really don't want to frog them. (Frog = rip out).

When a pattern calls for dpn's (double pointed needles) I tend to prefer to use 2 circulars instead... however, I don't have any circulars in 5 or 6's, but I do have dpns, so I guess that's what I'll be using for the other pairs...

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