Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knitting in the academic world

I've recently discovered just how popular knitting is for academics. And I've actually thought of several reasons why (probably because they're the reasons why I do it...). One reason is because it's the perfect procrastination: you're not doing work, but you do have a finished project to show for your time... maybe I didn't read that article, but LOOK! I knit a sock!

In any case, by bringing my knitting with me everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) I've heard from all kinds of other grad students that either a. they knit, or b. they want to learn how. So today I'm going to bring my roomie to the sit n' knit at my LYS and teach him, or, if I can't, pass the buck to one of the many other experienced knitters who is there every Saturday.

In other geeked-out academic / knitting news, I finally picked up a tool that I've been coveting for months because it will make knitting while reading about a billion times easier: a book stand. I know, I'm a total geek, but I've seriously been looking for the perfect book stand for about 2 or 3 months now. And I finally found one yesterday while buying my books for this semester!

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