Friday, January 19, 2007


Don't worry, I'm not being rude, you just gotta know the lingo. UFOs (in knitting speak anyways...) are "UnFinished Objects", so in this case, I'm talking about some Finished Objects.

First up we have the pair of wrist warmers I made for the winner of my ebay auction:

And, yet another pair of wrist warmers, these ones from some leftovers in my stash for my friend Jackie:

I'm going to be completely SICK TO DEATH of wrist warmers by the time this winter is over, but they seem to be quite the popular little item. I made the first pair for myself (see the picture in the column along the right side of the screen) out of some self-striping yarn (aka multi-colored... I didn't have to change yarns to get the stripes) and my friend Jackie liked them so much she wanted a pair too. I didn't have quite enough self-striping yarn to make another whole pair, so I mixed it with some other leftovers to make her pair. I also made a pair for my o-so-cute bf with a matching scarf for Christmas, but, since I am the dork that I am, I forgot my digital camera and I don't have ANY pics from xmas, let alone pics of people and their homemade gifts. :(

The ones from the ebay auction are made of a 50/50 angora/wool blend from Berroco. Sorry I can't give a name for the self-striping or the other leftover that I used for mine and Jackie's gloves... I've been really bad at keeping track of those things and that's part of the reason I've started this blog. This way I can go back in six months and remind myself what I used and why.

So that is... let's see... four pairs so far. My roommate has already expressed interest in a pair and I actually have a real-life order for 5 pairs. Another woman who saw my ebay auction emailed me and asked if I would do a custom order, so I said sure! She wants 1 pair in the same material as the 1st ebay auction (same colour too, but i think I'm going to do a different pattern), 1 in black cotton, and 3 in Pima Silk by Cascade. I'm going to make them the same size as all the rest, but I'm going to try slight variation on the stitching to make different patterns, basically to keep myself from getting totally bored. I'll update as I find out how they turn out!


Anonymous said...

Did you want pix of my wrist-warmers and scarf? I can send them. L,S.

Erin said...

Yes please, sweetie! that would be the awesomest!