Sunday, January 21, 2007

another day, another skein

I went to the yarn store today (yes, AGAIN) and ended up working for her! It's my last weekend of freedom and I decided all I really wanted to do was knit. So I went in, with a new project, a sample basketweave scarf for one of the classes I'm going to teach - yes, I've done them before but at least it was a break from the wrist warmers! The owner, Sue, usually has her daughter in to help out on the weekends 'cause it gets really crazy in there what with the Stitch 'n Bitchers, and usually at least one or two classes going on. Today, however, she had given her daughter the day off but forgotten that she was going to teach a two hour class. So I offered to help out. I've helped some people before, figuring out a pattern or picking out some yarns that will blend nicely, stuff like that. But she was so busy with her class that she just showed me how to use the till and left me with the run of the store! And it was so much fun. I really like helping people choose a pattern, or blend some yarns to make a unique gift. And the best part is she promised to pay me in NEW YARN! I can feed my addiction without spending money!!

I also helped some women fix their knitting and they asked me if I would teach them a more difficult pattern based on a sample Sue has in the shop. So we'll be learning how to knit a chevron patterned scarf on the 10th of February!

Maybe I should just drop out of grad school and go into the yarn world full time!

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