Monday, July 5, 2010

sock swap complete!

sock swap complete!, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

In spite of a couple distractions my socks for the International Sock Swap are now complete! I'll be putting together a package and shipping it off later this week... but first I'll be heading to the Festival de Teatro Clásico to see some plays as part of my "research"... yeah... that's it, "research".

Socks are:
Mojo in Jojoland Melody Superwash #ms12, on size 1 (US) needles. They still lack heels, but that will be up to my partner if she even wants to make them... they feel great even without heels in them... I would definitely recommend this as a pattern to make for someone who's shoe size you are unsure of.

And yes, they are fraternal twins and I think they look trés cool! (Hopefully my partner feels the same way I do about non-matching socks....)

ETA: If anyone wants to join us for the 2nd swap, starting in Sept/Oct, check out the group page. You can still vote by going to post #14 of the "future swaps" discussion... so far "boot/bed socks" (aka worsted weight socks) are in the lead over slippers and regular socks (aka fingering weight).

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SIONA said...

¡te han quedado fantásticos!
yo los dejaría sin talón, como los he visto puestos se que quedan divinos así,
un abrazo!
pd: si si, parte de la investigación ja ja ja