Saturday, July 10, 2010

inspiration, where art thee?

lindsay #1, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

I'm feeling totally uninspired as to what to name these socks, aside from their given name "Lindsay". And Lindsay has never been a favorite name of mine... as a kid I was picked on and there always seemed to be a Lindsay in the group. So I'd love to change the name but I can't think of anything.

How about a contest? Leave a comment with a name (doesn't have to be human, could be anything) that you think is suitable for this sock and I'll pick the name I like the most and send the winner a ravelry pattern (paid for of course) from their queue or wishlist. (Make sure you leave your rav name, of course!) Open until July 14.

In other news, I have also started a new project, one that, in fact, is not technically a sock... but it's not far enough along to show off quite yet... exciting stuff, no?
No sé que nombre debo dar a este calcetín. No me gusta el nombre que le ha puesto Cookie A (la diseñadora) pero no puedo pensar en nada.

Ayúdame! Deja un comentario con un nombre (cualquiera) que te parece adecuado a éste y si elijo el tuyo te mandaré un patrón pagado de tu "queue" en ravelry. (Deja en el comentario tu nombre el ravelry también, por supuesto!) Abierto hasta el día 14.

En otras noticias, he empezado un proyecto nuevo... que no sea calcetín! Pero sólo tengo los puntos montados así que tendrás que volver luego a verlo...


Kate said...

Alejandro Sanz

But in related news, so pretty!!!

SIONA said...

A mi me recuerdan a las espigas ... así que les llamaria spike sock?
un abrazo,

Kim said...

I think you should call it "La Penúltima"--since A) it's likely to be your 2nd to last project completed (or semi-completed) while in España, and B) cause that way you'd be making reference to the way people try to extend night life here by constantly saying that the drink they're ordering is "la penúltima" (kind of a nice way to also indicate that you'll be back someday!).

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of Spanish lace. You should give it a Spanish name for sure.

Richard said...

I think Alysiana would be a fitting name. They are very pretty:)


violetazul said...

Estaba escuchando la canción de Mercedes Sosa "vengo a ofrecer mi corazón" cuando leía tu post... de ahí, mirando el calcetín, me ha parecido que simbolizaba el gesto que hacen las manos cuando ofrecen algo... y de ahí he pensado: "ofreciendo el corazón para los pies"..
así que mi nombre es "heart's-in socks"
menudo rollo que te he largado, jajajajja

Anonymous said...

Yo los llamaría "Spanish Lady" Me recuerdan a los que llevaban las señoritas finas hace muchos años ^^

Kim said...

or you could name them "la Furia" in honor of the Spanish soccer team. :)