Thursday, July 15, 2010

needled prizes

manu2, originally uploaded by wazzag.

This is a picture of the pattern, Manu, that Kim picked as her prize for naming my socks. I am actually really thrilled that she picked this pattern because it is by a designer that I have great amounts of respect for, Kate Davies, who writes the blog needled, in which she not only chronicles the story of her knitting and designs, but also talks about her recovery from a stroke (yes, she's only in her 30s) this past February. I have days when my (as far as I know) perfectly intact brain has a hard time doing the math for my designs, and she is churning out far more complex patterns than I... check out owls or paper dolls or the adorable get off my cloud.

Thanks again Kim, for the name and for picking a design that let me talk about someone who deserves the props!


Kim said...

thank YOU for the pattern! though I'd rather still have your company. :( and I'm happy you gave Kate more publicity--loove her patterns, and really admire her character in dealing with the stroke recovery.

SIONA said...

Una elección perfecta Kim,
un abrazo a las dos ;)