Friday, September 16, 2011

the truth, and a mitt

the truth by gradschoolknitter
the truth, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

So, as anyone who looked at my blog yesterday might have ascertained, this weekend was a bit of a stash-enhancer. So I decided to rearrange things a bit and ended up on my couch, surrounded by yarn. In fact, the above photo doesn't even do my stash justice, but that's probably for the best...

I also finished one of the mitts I was working on from the "flat feet" yarn:

feet to hands

They aren't kidding when they say you have to block 'em... that's unblocked, and you probably can't tell from the picture but the underside, which is stockinette, looks awful, and I think the rest of it would be greatly improved by a good blocking, as well.

The idea behind flat feet—machine knitting the yarn flat so that one could hand-paint it in an interesting design and then knit it while frogging at the same time—is intriguing, but, as one would know if one has ever decided to frog a long knit (or unfinished) piece and re-use the yarn, already knit yarn has a lot of kinks in it. Many people re-skein their yarn and then attempt to wash it/steam it/whatever to get the kinks out. In this case, however, this will be achieved by blocking the final product... we'll see. I'll keep you updated once that happens.

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Andrea said...

When I saw yesterday's post I was wondering how the yarn was to knit with, all kinky as it was. I tried knitting a part of a sock from frogged yarn once and it was a gauge swatches worst nightmare. My stitches were all wonky, loose, and curly. I can't wait to see how your mitts look after blocking. The colors are great!