Friday, September 23, 2011

just what the doctor[ate] ordered

I always need a simple-ish project on hand for when I'm reading (and oh boy, it's crunch time for reading for this final chapter), and I've been looking for something that will show-off some of my newly acquired, too pretty for sticking into shoes, sock yarns... so when I saw wool durham's latest project the other day and that there was a KAL for the pattern going on, I knew I had to cast on, asap.

The pattern is Rae by Jane Richmond (whom I have admired a long time, in spite of not having had the chance to cast on any of her designs before). If you join the kal group on ravelry and go sign up on Jane's blog here, she'll send you a coupon for a dollar off the pattern!

I contacted her via ravelry to find out how long the deal is going on for, and she said she thought people could join in at any time up to the end of the KAL, which is Oct 31, aka Hallowe'en. It's a simple pattern (seriously, even the most beginner of beginners could figure it out) but it makes a beautifully simple scarf (it being well documented how much I loves me some garter stitch) and a great way to show off some of your more precious sock yarns.

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Sara said...

Beautiful! Isn't the calming effect of knitting this thing addictive? It's the perfect thing for my braindead midterm time. I hope my friends and family like the Rae pattern too because a few of these are going under the Christmas tree. Good luck with your schoolwork!