Tuesday, September 27, 2011

if you knit it, fall will come

fall sweater by gradschoolknitter
fall sweater, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

It's practically inevitable that once I cast on one garter stitch project, more are to follow.

In defiance of the 85 degree (that's almost 30 celsius for my canuck friends) weather yesterday, I cast on for a fall sweater in the warmest, wooliest yarn I have. Because it has to be fall soon, right? I mean it will be October by the end of the week, for pete's sake!

The sweater will eventually be a garter stitch swingy sweater in a combo of this Noro that was handed down to me (sans tags, but my best guess is that it is Kueryon, and, having dug through some stash pictures on ravelry, colourway 233) and some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a charcoal colour that was picked up earlier this summer for this exact purpose. The MadridKnits girls were having a KAL over July and August for this sweater, but I just couldn't get in gear to do it... moving + heat will make you want to do fewer things... who knew?

Anyway, I know my plan is already working as the temp has dropped to 69 (aka 20) today. By the time I finish it should be perfect weather for such a cosy sweater.


Bronwyn said...

Oh I keep wanting to make this! I just love the pattern and yay easy, mindless stitching. My knitting's been on the back burner lately though... Embroidery just goes so much faster! lol :)

gradschoolknitter said...

It's seriously mindless knitting... and it's coming along so quickly! If the weather ever cools off enough, I should be able to wear it sometime in the next couple of weeks!