Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm not a sock knitter

Seriously. I'm not. (Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!) Somehow, though, that's all I've knit for the last week or so... and now I have this:

A pair of monkeys! (Only 1 pair, I just took two different shots...) I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out... they fit well, they're very warm (I'm wearing them currently, because even though it's 25C / 77F outside right now, my feet are always cold and we have the air conditioner on in the apartment...) and the yarn and pattern compliment each other well. I'll have to practice a bit more to get a nicer grafted toe, but all in all a good result for the first try, I think!

And, from last night and this mornings hard work:

The beginnings of the BMP sock. I think that the monkeys allowed me to believe in the top-down knit sock and now it's just the stranded colour work that I have to get over. I've never done any colour work (striping doesn't count) so that's probably the most challenging thing about this pattern. I've sort of figured out my own way to work the extra strand into the back, instead of just letting it hang loose back there.


Dipsy said...

I absolutely adore your Monkey socks, they turned out so beautifully - and I love the yarn you've been using too, what a great colorway! I think you certainly ARE a sock knitter - and a very good one too!

Lazuli said...

Those are your first socks? Wow! Wonderful job! Socks are fun, aren't they!