Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers...

So I have nothing to show you for the month of April. Sad, right? I was working on the Accidental Girly Mitts as my Self-Imposed-Accessory-Club entry, but I just wasn't loving them. They were too big, even though I went down 2 needles sizes, and I was going to have to finagle something to make them smaller at the wrist... so I just decided it wasn't worth it. So I frogged, and started casting on with the same yarn to make a Reverse Rice Stitch Cowl but didn't even get the cast-on finished. So.... that's that.

BUT!! It's May 1, which means that the sign ups for the next International Sock Swap are now open! And it's our one year anniversary! It's a great group, and a lot of fun... and low pressure: the packages don't have to be mailed until Aug 31!! You have the month of May to think about it, but if you have wanted to in the past, I would highly recommend it!

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