Monday, May 16, 2011

the great ratsby

ratsby, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Sometimes, grad school isn't all books and complexity theory... sometimes, you make really great friends, too.

And, since I've been at this whole PhD thing for a while now (five. years.), sometimes those friends have to move on.

So, one of my very good friends here threw a "gatsby" themed party to say good bye. (Only she called it the Ratsby, in honor of the vermin that overpopulate this place.) We all dressed up and I made myself a fascinator. Sadly, we couldn't get very good photos, and I can't show you how very awesome the button is (it has an enamel design of a peacock on it). Here's another poorly lit shot for good measure:


A great time was had by all, and everyone loved my headpiece... although I have to say, these things are kind of delicate. I would have to replace at least one of the peacock feathers should I wish to wear it again.

I was inspired by Notorious, which has been removed. I basically just knit a circle, folded the edges over and hemed it so it wouldn't roll too much and sewed on the decorations.


Elinor said...

You look fabulous! And the fascinator: sheer genius.

Sara said...

What a fun idea for a party! The fascinator is lovely. Well done.

gradschoolknitter said...

Thanks ladies! I loved the fascinator and the party... I'm just not sure how often I'll get any use out of the former...