Friday, April 22, 2011

while I was away

pretty girly, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Remember when I had no idea how much yarn to pack? Apparently that was a non-issue. I didn't even touch the blanket, although I did finish the socks... and started on the April Self-Imposed-Accessory-Club: the Accidental Girly Mitts.

Oh, and got married:

wedding day

So, you know, I guess it's understandable that I didn't find much knitting time!


Susan said...

What a beautiful bride! You look lovely; the shawl is perfect; and the flowers are beautiful!

You are definitely forgiven the lack of knitting.

Andrea said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations!

Bronwyn said...

Aw, congratulations! You look beautiful. :)

Susan said...

MUCH joy and love to you both.