Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wedding toque - groom edition

Why, yes, that is more crochet!

The groom's hat in my wedding set for my friends is complete. And if these sets have taught me anything it is that crochet is not wholly evil. I'm still not going to be granny-squaring myself a cardigan anytime soon, but it makes for a nice embellishment once in a while... and, in the case of this hat, can add just enough extra length that you don't have to rip back the crown on a slightly short hat.

Hat pattern is my own, if you can even call it that... 3x2 rib over 80 stitches with a half-treble/half-double 2 round trim. (And it looks even better when you don't wear the join in the middle of your forehead... sigh.)

Yarn is Cascade 220, about 1/2 a skein, on size 7 needles.

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