Wednesday, January 19, 2011

one of each

semi-stripped, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Well, if nothing else I'll have one warm foot and one warm hand:

bride's mitts

Actually I'll have one warm foot and my friend Ele, for whom I made the toque in the post below, will have one warm hand. (And a warm head, but that was already a given.)

The sock is Down the Rabbit Hole in Holiday Yarn's Flock Sock, the pairing of which I had high hopes for... and was utterly disappointed. The yarn only stripped along the heel and gusset (and a bit on the toe, which is easier to see in this picture) while the cuff is pooling-central and the foot spirals somewhat but in huge, awkward swaths. That being said, I love the pattern, and the other sock actually swirls the other way (in the pattern, I mean, I have no idea what the yarn will do as I haven't started it yet).

I'm still going to make the second sock, and wear them... and probably often. They're comfy and they fit perfectly. I also have high hopes that the yarn will hold up well (it's plied, which I prefer) during washing. Don't disappoint me again, flock sock. They are decidedly socks from "wonderland" and I'm going to enjoy them as such.

The mitten, on the other hand, came out just the way I'd hoped. The pattern is a much-modified version of my garter cuff mitts (rav link). Mods include: making a full mitt as opposed to fingerless, and adding the same crocheted edging as the toque. I also added half an inch of stockinette to the cuff before starting the thumb gusset, since I'm not nearly so worried about running out of yarn as I was the first time round.

I should have the second mitt finished today so that Ele can have as warm hands as she does head by the end of the week! I gave her the toque yesterday, as it was ridiculously cold, complete with freezing rain, and she seemed quite enthralled with it. I can't wait to make her husband's set too!

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