Saturday, January 22, 2011

not a mishappen scarf

not a mishappen scarf, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

nope, that's a slipper... can't you see it?!

Yes, it's a slipper. And no, this isn't my own personal version of The Emperor's New Clothes, either.

A while back, while on my morning perusal of ravelry, my dear partner saw these slippers over my shoulder. He loved them and asked if I would make him a pair. So, for his upcoming birthday, here they are. Or rather, here is one... I'm running out of left-over bits of malabrigo, so I've sent out a couple of emails to people on ravelry with bits of similar colours in their "will trade or sell" to see if they can send them over post-haste. Of course, if anyone out there has any little bits of green or brown malabrigo they'd like to share, I'd be happy to take those too!!

If you are still wonder how the above seemingly mishappen scarf could become a slipper, check out the pattern. It's ingenious, really, and simple enough for the earliest of beginners to figure out. The only thing I'm worried about is the felting, which I've never (purposely) done before. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, right? For now, this is on hold until I can get enough little bits of malabrigo for the second slipper. I think I only just have enough of my own left to seam the first one...

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Louise said...

What a fun pattern. I have added it to my gift knitting file. Thanks for sharing!