Thursday, January 6, 2011

things aren't always (working out) the way they seem

swedish socks, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Sadly, these are the socks that will never be worn. They also make me haaate colour-work. Actually, I think it's just one of those knitting skills I don't care to use. Sure, the result can look great, but it also is a huge pain in the arse. The boy asked for these, it took me months to finally figure out a way to make them work and, alas, they are too tight. One he can just barely squeeze over his heel, the other ain't ever gonna happen.

We can't cry over tight socks, however, so... onward and upward!

I cast on for some socks that I've been coveting for a while in some yarn I've been coveting for a while... but the result is coming out... well, less than desirable. I mean, go look at the original! (On flickr for those without ravelry access.) So pretty! So perfectly striped! I really thought the yarn I chose would stripe just as well, especially since the store sample looked just as perfect.

But alas:

socks in wonderland

Pooling madness! Just when you think they're going to at least spiral a bit, the colours start pooling back the other way. I'm doing the medium size, which should be fine (64 sts is a perfectly normal number for socks, right?!)... I can't decide if it is worth it to rip them back or just let them do their thing. I doubt that a different sock pattern is going to make a difference... the pattern is a reference to Alice in Wonderland ("Down the Rabbit Hole"), so maybe it's a sign to let them just do whatever topsy-turvy thing they're going to do.

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