Thursday, January 27, 2011

inspired by the Harlot, and boredom

even snowmen need to take a break once in a while...

So, if you haven't heard, it snowed quite a bit on the east coast last night! We have a snow day today, which will afford me some time to work on wedding stuff guilt-free! Ok, less than guilt-free... but maybe I'll also do some dissertation reading this afternoon... right?

If you don't know the Yarn Harlot, and you read me, I'm flattered... but dude, you are missing out. I have a feeling that 99.9% of knitters out there will not fall into that category, so you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that I've been inspired by the Harlot's Self-Imposed Sock Club. So, in the middle of a thunder-snow-storm last night, I pulled all the skeins of sock yarn that I had... and realized it was surprisingly fewer than expected. Five, to be exact. Seven, if you count a couple of skeins of fingering that are quite definitely not-for-socks.

So I looked around the stash some more and pulled a couple more skeins of things that have been languishing in the stash for far too long. Things like my Alchemy Sanctuary and Mirasol Tupa, which are too pretty to go unused for any longer. So I revised the plan a little, making it a Self-Imposed Accessory Club.

What does this mean? Well, every month for the rest of the year, I have an accessory pattern matched to a skein of yarn in my stash. That's 11 accessories, in 11 months.

There's one more catch. I'm going to also use this as a chance to impose a yarn diet on myself: Every month, on the first of the month, I will pull one skein and one pattern, and until I have completed that project I will not bring any more yarn home. That doesn't mean that I won't work on other projects... I have lots more yarn that I'm not including in the SIAC. And once that project is done, if there is something I need/want... well, you know.

How about you all? Anyone on a yarn diet, or challenging yourself to use up some long-suffering stash?


Kate said...

Yay!! That will be fun! And those yarns are beauuuutiful!

SIONA said...

¡Como mola, cuanta nieve!
un abrazo,