Thursday, August 12, 2010

groundhog day

guess where I am..., originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

Remember yesterday? Yesterday when I said I was about to run out the door and head to Canada to visit family for the first time in 8 months? You can probably guess from my expression - and the background - in the above picture (taken approx 2 mins ago) that that didn't happen.

Once again (check this 2 year old post out) I'm stuck in the airport, knittin' a sock. Our flight was delayed for weather and then mechanical problems last night, and eventually (after a hope raising taxi around the runway) canceled. I decided it wasn't worth trying to fight with the other 100 or so passengers for the standby positions on the late night flights last night, so I went home, had a decent night's sleep and came back this morning. Unfortunately there is MORE weather today and we're running almost 2 hours behind. Fortunately they did give me a first class ticket for this flight and a voucher because I refused hotel accommodations.

I really hope we get going soon... in the mean time, I'm sure to have a decent amount of knitting done by the time I get home!

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