Tuesday, August 17, 2010

time for change

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I never would have thought that I would enjoy knitting a pair of cotton socks... but I loved this yarn. It's a knitpicks yarn called comfy fingering, 75% cotton, 25% acrylic and while I was worried about it being rough and inelastic, it was neither. I don't normally use cotton, especially for socks since I tend to wear socks more in the fall - early spring, rather than in the summer. But the boy needs to wear socks and shoes for work year round, so he requested a pair of cotton ones.

So we have another finished pair of socks... and I think I need a break from all things sock related. I even left the leg warmers - not technically socks but not different enough - at home. Fortunately I did bring a project that is something quite a bit different but I actually need to get some conference papers written, so maybe the knitting will be backburnered for a little while.

Pattern: Barcelona Socks by Helen Waittes
Needles: US 1 dpns
Yarn: Knitpicks Comfy Fingering, 1.5 skeins.
For: the boy

Mods: I started on US 2s (as per the pattern) and ended up with a giant cuff. So I ripped it out and started over on size 1s and it turned out much better. I also added a repeat to the cuff to make it slightly longer.

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Louise said...

Great socks! What a lucky guy.