Monday, June 16, 2008

The Baltimore Washington Internaughty*

monkeys at the bwi

I know. Two posts in one day after a month + long interlude. But I'm stuck at the airport. Which seems to be pretty much the story of my life. Whenever I travel (which is pretty darn often) I have some kind of delay or problem or mixup. Because of storms both around here and around Detroit the flight has been delayed several times. Instead of a 4:30 take off time it is now almost 7:00 and they claim we're going to get out of here at 8:15, but I have my doubts. So I started, and then finished, the Complete Persepolis. I highly recommend it. And now the only entertainment I have is my newest sock. It's Cookie A.'s monkey (you all know where to find it... I'm too tired to link everything!) and my friend Terry's yarn (as explained 2 posts previous).

*I got a pre-recorded message the other day for my van service to the airport and for whatever reason - a glitch, a skip in the recording, a disgruntled voice-worker - my destination was called the Baltimore Washington Internaughty airport, as opposed to "International".

P.S. Since starting to write this our flight has been delayed another 1/2 hour and the flight that was scheduled to leave after ours is now going to leave early. Why they wouldn't switch the planes I don't know... just to stick it to me one more time I guess.

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Doug said...

Call me when you can! I'm having a knitting emergency! Marco's coming in 28 days and I have no clue how to fix his hat!