Friday, August 27, 2010

Sock Swap Take 2!

**Note: For those of you waiting patiently for prize info for the contest, I need to take some pictures, but I'll try to get it up tomorrow!**

The International Sock Swap is coming to a close (final day to send out packages is Aug 31, 2010) and it has gone so well and there has been interest both from current participants AND new members to do another swap... so the second swap will take place starting Sept 1!

Questionnaires will be due by Sept 30, 2010 and partners will go out shortly thereafter, with knitting and package sending happening between Oct 1 and Dec 31. This time we are making "bed/boot socks" out of worsted (preferably superwash!) weight yarn. There are tons (222 free patterns on ravelry) of worsted weight sock patterns, ranging from complex to the most basic. We decided on worsted weight by vote, but I think it is a great, quick swap project for the period leading up to the holiday season.

If you want to join in the fun you have from now until the end of Sept. Right now, head on over to the ravelry group and join us. Sept 1 I will send out reminders to those who are already members to fill in the questionnaire. Hope to see you there!!

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