Saturday, February 3, 2007

my very own knitting corner!

I mentioned in my last post that we had 'found' a new side-table/lamp combo and rearranged our living room around it. It's the lamp between the two chairs on the right hand side of the photo. What happened was, one of our neighbours in the building was moving out and put a lot of furniture out back beside the dumpster. Speculation is that it was a couple who broke up, moved out and just got rid of everything they couldn't take or decide on ownership. Speculation aside, they threw out a lot of perfectly good stuff, i.e. this lamp/table. And because I'm totally and forever will be my father's daughter, (and fortunately my roommate is much of the same strain) we went down and grabbed it! There was actually a milk-crate looking bookshelf the night before that looked cool too, but someone else must have thought so 'cause it was gone in the morning. And as we were picking it up these guys pulled up in this huge car and started picking out stuff too... they were clearly not from the building... So we cleaned it up and placed all my knitting books on the bottom shelf and then I went to Target and got the wicker baskets to hold our stashes (thank goodness the roomie took to knitting so well, or I probably wouldn't have such a lovely knitting nook!). I'm so excited to have a comfy place to sit and knit, where I have access to all the required accessories... it's awesome!

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