Thursday, February 8, 2007


No new FOs over the last few days... but lots of new started projects...

I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop to sell some of my knitted items. It probably won't happen until the summer when things are a bit quieter on the grad school front, but I wanted to know what people think. I tried the ebay thing but on ebay people are just trying to get a deal... over at etsy it's all hand made items and it seems that people appreciate the handcrafted item and its true value. I'm also thinking about including a section to sell new patterns that I come up with. It's just a thought for now, like I said it would be a while before I could do anything about it seriously.

Ideas? Comments? Have you used etsy? And loved it? Hated it? Any info or advice would be much appreciated!

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Lone Knitter said...

Thanks for the name suggestion for my etsy shop. I think I'll spend some time trying to figure out how to set things up on etsy. How far are you into your Ph.D? I've been writing my prospectus for over a year now...sigh.