Saturday, December 17, 2011

speaking of quick knits

winealicious by gradschoolknitter
winealicious, a photo by gradschoolknitter on Flickr.

Started this Thursday evening, knitting was done last night (Friday), just had to make the drawstring this morning.

DH suggested this as a good non-wearable (by humans anyway) knit for someone that I always find it hard to knit or shop for. This kind of kills 2 birds, one stone, right? A nice bottle of wine and a reusable cozy. (I'll replace the used bottle currently propping it up with a new, unopened one, promise!) The cozy is possibly the perfect idea for this person who is almost constantly traveling and likes to bring wines back from faraway lands. This way at least one bottle will be protected from any rough baggage handlers!

Pattern is Winecozy (that's a rav link, but it can also be found on knitty).
Yarn is Cascade 220/220 heathers, randomly striped.
Needles are US 3 dpns (4s are in use and that might be the only size I don't have multiples of...)
Mods are many:
- Used instructions to create in the round (found on the comments page on ravelry).

- Did not do any crochet edging.

- Used 2 colours for drawstring.

- Did a purl ridge at bottom rather than the ridge as described.

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