Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

One Christmas gift down... many more to go. Actually, I haven't really decided who all I'm knitting for for Christmas (15 days, what?!), but I know that these will be under the tree for someone. And I decided to gift a shawl I made this summer to someone else since I never actually use shawls and I know the someone else will be far more appreciative of it... and there's a hat and a couple other little things that I'm going to try and get done. In the next 15 days. Yeesh.

In other fiber news:

Spin Span Spun

I learned how to SPIN! I bought all that fiber way back in June on our trip to Iceland and had no idea what to do with it... so when I saw that my old LYS was now offering spinning lessons I decided to try and make it to one during my recent trip back. I couldn't make it to the actual class but the instructor was happy to have a private lesson with me, which was so much fun!! The brown yarn is some merino she gave me to practice with and the greeny-yellow stuff is a mix of merino that she gave me (the darker green) and silk tussah (the variegated green and white, also from the instructor) and the yellow-ish green is part of my icelandic stash! As is the teal currently on the spindle.

And finally:

A new project... DH wanted a scarf that "looks like the board from Q*bert. Yeaaaah. This is my best interpretation, which is based on a stitch pattern from the Vogue Stitchionary.

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Elinor said...

SPINNING! It's so gorgeous! You'll get past that floofy stage and into the stage where you can't spin anything but lace-weight, and some day you (and I) will learn to spin decently even worsted weight yarn. :D

gradschoolknitter said...

Yay! Can't wait! Maybe plying would help... but baby steps, right?

SIONA said...

¡estás hilando! que bueno!!!!! yo lo intenté pero ahí quedó, se me da fatal jajaja aunque imagino que será cuestión de práctica.
Hay nieve ya por esos lares donde vives?
un abrazo princesa!

gradschoolknitter said...

Siona! Sí, me parece que es cuestión de mucha práctica... pero poco a poco estoy mejorando. Y sí, de nieve tenemos un poco ya, pero todavía me parece poca...