Monday, June 6, 2011

Velkomin til Íslands

Welcome to Iceland!

So we've been in Iceland for two days now, and since it is light out approximately 20 hours a day, I woke up at 5am, saw light peaking behind the curtains in full force and freaked out, thinking we had slept until 5pm. Then I fully woke up and realized my mistake, but it was difficult to get back to sleep. So here it is, a little after 7am, and I figured I'd share some pictures of our adventures so far.

First off, there is wool, of course, everywhere. But mostly in already-knitted form. For example, the traditional Icelandic patterns, usually on sweaters and in this case, cowls:

Icelandic sweaters and cowls

But my favourite thus far:

Icelandic snuggy!!

The Icelandic Snuggy!!!!!

There is also, of course, lots of wool in it's pre-use form:

icelandic sheep!

And in this pre-use form as well:

Unspun lopi, backlit at 7am

What's that you say? You can't see it since it's backlit at seven am?

Ok, how about this:

Unspun Lopi

Yup, I fell down again and bought a bunch of unspun lopi wool. It was ridiculously cheap. A little over 400 grams for 710kr... which is about $6.20 US. So yeah, it was basically impossible to resist.

Anyway, that's a quick fix of Iceland in two days. If we get internet access again in a few days, perhaps I'll have some more woolly news for you!


evaowl said...

Ahhh, how I envy you..... I'm green, totaly (in Italy we say verde d'invidia - it's like the red mark for avalanges, if you understand how much I envy you)- not only you are in a place where I would love to be, not only you will surely take a very hot geysir bath, no, you are also buying yarn... arggh. I'm a fully grown up woman, but right now I feel like an upset teenage girl.You know I'm joking, don't you. :) Have a nice journey and don't forget to buy books of Icelander's writers. You could come back with the next Nobel prize - in any case you could show your friends the authors that will be "discover" during next Frankfurt Buchmesse.

Collienchen said...

Hope you also get to see the Geysir, Jokulsarlon, the Landmannalaugar mountains and Hekla! I'm so jealous. Went to Iceland two years ago, and would like to go back asap.

Enjoy your time there, and find some more yarn and roving!!!!! :)

Bronwyn said...

Isn't Iceland amazing? I was there a few years ago and my sister's going on Friday. :) We both got to go courtesy of a program for Icelandic-Americans. :) I hope you love it there!

Alas, I didn't really knit back when I went so wasn't able to take advantage of the wonderful yarns there. I have a lopipeysa pattern and need my grandma to translate it, lol! Jealous!