Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mother Bear and Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer awareness bear

Two great causes, but both with sad backstories. I haven't made a bear in a while, but I think that the Mother Bear Project is a great organization, doing wonderful things. The bears are super easy to make and only really take a few hours from start to finish.

I got a message on ravelry from the mods of the Mother Bear Group that one of the most active members has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing some very harsh treatments that will probably preventing her from knitting at all, let alone bears. They asked the members to make a bear, in pink, and dedicate it to her. Then they will do a "reveal" on June 5 (I have time-stamped this to appear on June 5 for reasons that I will expound upon momentarily...) to show her all the bears that have been knit in her honour. All the best, and a quick recovery sunltcloud.

So, why the time-stamp, as opposed to just posting? I'm in ICELAND currently. (Or, rather, will be when this posts on Sunday... we leave Friday night.) I'll post pictures (and hopefully have picked up some interesting yarns...) when we get back!

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