Tuesday, June 14, 2011

things knit: in Iceland

Iceland had no small share of knitted items, and in a folk museum in Skogar (the same one in which we saw the turf-roof houses, as pictured yesterday) we came upon an impressive number of knitting machinery. This is only half of one room of fiber arts tools. There were spinning wheels and knitting machines and spools and a weaving loom... the list goes on and on.

lamb bone spools
Old spools, made of lamb leg-bones.

There were also some beautiful examples of Icelandic knitting:

mittens in traditional patterns
Traditional Scandinavian Mittens.

knitted insoles
Replaceable insoles for shoes and slippers.

As well as practical, every day items:

knitted riding socks
Knitted riding socks. To go over the boots, without a heel, to fit around the spurs.

knitted stirrups
Knitted straps for stirrups.

And perhaps my favorite:

Fisherman's gear
Fisherman's gear.

Perhaps you'll understand why on the close-up:

double-thumbed mittens

They made the mittens with 2 thumbs each, one on each side of the mitt. That way, if the thumb wore out during a long days work (rowing, pulling on ropes, climbing things, etc), the sailor could flip it around and worry about darning the other one later. Ingenious!

Finally, back in modern day Reykjavik, people are still knitting:

knit tagging in Reykjavik

And myself? Well, of course I knit! Most of the driving time I knit on a long overdue blanket (which I made quite a bit of progress on, but still looks much like a blob when photographed), and occasionally (when the need for something more compact was felt, say, on a plane) I worked on these:

(I bumped up the contrast and exposure on this so that you could actually see the cabling... black + cables = not very capturable on film...)

Pattern is Milo from Cookie A's Sock Innovation.
Yarn is Paton's Australia Patonyle (in black, of course).
Needles are Hiya Hiya US 1s. I'm so sad, I lost one on the way to Iceland somehow... but 4 will suffice.

Tune in next time for the 3rd and final installment of "Things in Iceland", where I talk about things bought in Iceland... you knew it was coming, didn't ya?

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susana/pelusito said...

Wonderful the 2 finger-mitten idea!