Friday, April 30, 2010

some clarifications

The other day I posted about an idea I had for an international sock swap. After talking to a few people I feel like I need to make some clarifications.

Until next thursday (May 6) I will leave the post open for people to comment on, in order to express your interest. Given enough interest (there are currently 4 of us, including me!) I will open a group on ravelry, and hopefully even more people will be interested in joining in.

The group will be open to join until June 1, after which I will partner people up. Then people will have until Aug 31 to finish their socks and post their packages.

August 31! that's the END OF SUMMER. And summer hasn't even begun yet! I figured it was a good date though, because most of us (at least in the northern hemisphere) won't be wearing socks until the fall again. So by the time the packages arrive it'll just be starting to cool off.

If there are any other questions, let me know! Otherwise, click over to this post and leave a comment, including your ravelry name and I'll send out notices next week if we're on!

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