Saturday, May 1, 2010

International Sock Swap!

OK, so after I posted the clarifications last night, a couple more people commented and said they were interested in joining, so this morning I made the ravelry group!

If you have already indicated interest on the original post, I sent you an invitation through ravelry. If you didn't, but want to join, it's open for ANYONE until June 1, 2010, midnight EST. All you have to do is fill out a SHORT questionnaire and send me a PM through ravelry with your address so I can give it to your secret swap pal.

If you are NOT on ravlery (why not!?) leave me a comment here and we'll see what we can work out.

Here are the details (also listed on the group page) essential to making this a success:

1) you must be willing to ship anywhere in the world.
2) swap will take place between June 1 and Aug. 31. If you don’t think you can complete and mail your socks before Aug 31, 2010, please do not join.
3) if you do join and something happens that impedes you finishing, please let us know asap! we will try to re-arrange things so that your partner still gets something!
4) once you have joined the group, please go to the “questionnaire” thread and complete the questionnaire. Everyone who has signed up by end of day June 1 (EST for the sake of argument) will be messaged, via ravelry with their partners ravelry name. This is a SECRET swap, so you will not necessarily be knitting for someone who will be knitting for you.
5) Although it states “International” there are no guarantees that you will receive or send a package to someone in a different country - it will be based solely on who signs up. I’ll do my best to match people internationally, but it will all depend on numbers.
6) New rules in Europe impose a 16% tax to the RECEIVER on packages deemed of more worth that 22euros (approx. $30 US), so please keep that in mind if adding goodies. I would suggest that any goodies included in packages on top of the socks be kept to $20 US or less, no matter where you are sending to / from.
7) Don’t use UPS internationally - they have extra charges to the receiver, especially if it goes through customs. No one wants their swap partner to have to pay to receive a package!!
8) Please read the “how to” post below for more information on this particular swap and links on how to make an afterthought heel!

YAY! I'm super excited about this, and I hope you guys are too!!

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