Saturday, April 10, 2010

still here

So I'm still in Madrid, feeling much better and getting lots of work done. Which is all great, except that I haven't been knitting much at all. I was working on the "Rick" socks (not a picture of my socks, but at least you get to see something) for the bf but ran into several snags... first time round they were waaaaaay too small (60 sts, most of them twisted? shoulda known), so I ripped. Then I added stitches and knit merrily along until I got to the heel. Worked the heel, left the original number of stitches for the top of the foot, and somehow the pattern still doesn't match up.

But, I am happy to report that I finally made it to a knitting group here in Madrid last night and spent a couple of hours happily knitting away with them. I worked on my seneca sweater (link to originally posted picture... sweater is now much bigger, having been worked up to the join on the body and started a sleeve last night).

So, if all goes well and I get to somewhere pretty this weekend in Madrid (it's beautiful out so I plan on doing some walking around in a park near the house) I'll take my camera and my knitting and take some decent photos. Until then I leave you with a picture of me, a roommate and her sister alongside Barceló's Elephant:

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