Sunday, August 31, 2008

so close to wicked

so close to wicked, originally uploaded by gradschoolknitter.

ack. I literally have 1/2 a sleeve left and NO MORE YARN. And because malabrigo had a huge fire a couple of months ago, the beautiful, beautiful yarn is in short supply. I've sent out the call around ravelry to see if anyone has any left overs... I really only need about 1/2 a skein to finish it, maybe even less. If I had followed the directions exactly to specifications then I would probably not need any more yarn but remember the first time I bound off the bottom?

wicked short

Waaaaay too short. So, I added several inches (like, close to 10 I think) to the body, which would explain why I ran so short on yarn. Booo. Anyways, hopefully my search on ravelry will bring me an extra 1/2 skein, otherwise I'll have to troll the internet, hoping that one of the online stores has it in stock. (It's worsted weight, colour "Verde Adriana" if anyone has any...)


Anonymous said...

You know, I just might have some of that left. =D

Amy said...

Try calling Threadbear, as they do mail orders and have tons of malabrigo in stock. :)