Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mother Bear Project

I've made a bunch of bears for the Mother Bear Project and the latest, Georgie, has been stuffed and sewn together:


I finished him yesterday and went back to the store today to get a picture of him. Not the greatest picture, but it will do.

I also got a picture of "Nathanial", another bear that I made a while ago (before I went to Canada for the summer) but never got a picture of. He's in the latest batch of bears that will soon be sent off to Africa, 'cause the "bear wall" at the store is pretty full:


I also might have started a new project last night, but only because it's not for me and there is a deadline (aka birthday) coming up soon:

Fastest Socks

I swear, these are the fastest socks ever. I started yesterday evening and already have one completed sock and the cuff of a second. Details to come soon...

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